Below are a number of common questions we get on our farm about pumpkins.


What part of a pumpkin can you eat?

What can you cook with a pumpkin besides pie?
Pumpkin Seeds
Stuffed Pumpkin Blossoms
For recipe ideas click here.

Can I make a pumpkin pie from a Jack-O-Lantern?
Yes- but it won't taste very good! Jack-O-Lanterns were bred to have upright straight walls, to be hollow, and to stand up to being carved. They were not bred for eating. Always use a pie or baking variety for cooking and you will have much better results.

Can I grow a pumpkin from seed saved from the pumpkin I'm buying from you?
Yes you can, but you may not get a pumpkin that looks like the one you bought from us. Most of our pumpkin varieties are open pollinated and are planted in rows that are close together. We have LOTS of bees on our farm, and there is a good likelihood that your pumpkin will be a cross of the different varieties that we grow. We affectionately call these offspring "whatzits." Also, some of our Jack-o-lantern varieties are hybrids. When you plant a seed from a hybrid they will not be true to type. They will revert back to their parentage which may have undesirable traits.

Where do pumpkins grow? Will they grow where I live?
Pumpkins will grow almost anywhere. Pumpkins are successfully grown in every continent of the world except Antarctica. Click here for tips on how you can grow a pumpkin.

How many days does it take to grow a pumpkin?
Depending upon the variety you choose it takes 85 to 125 days to grow a pumpkin.

How big can a pumpkin get?
The largest pumpkin grown in the United States in 2007 was 1689 lbs!!!

Is a pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?
A fruit. A fruit is defined as being the part of the plant which contains seeds. The average pumpkin contains about a cup of seeds, so they are most definitely a fruit.

How many pies can you get from a pumpkin?
A 5 pound pumpkin will make about 2 - 9inch pies.

What kind of pumpkin do you prefer for pumpkin pie?
We prefer a Cinderella, Baby Pam, Lumina, or Pink Banana Squash. Hubbard and Butternut squash are also good choices.

Will a green Jack-O-Lantern stay green?
No. You can prolong the green color by displaying it in the shade. All Jack-O-Lanterns will turn orange as they cure.

How long will my pumpkin last after I carve it?
If you live in a warm climate it may only last a couple of days. There are steps you can take to make your pumpkin last longer. Click here. In all climates it is best if you wait to carve you pumpkin until a day or two before Halloween.

How long will my pumpkin keep?
The storage life can vary between varieties. If you purchase a pumpkin on October 1st, and choose a firm pumpkin with no soft spots or visible damage, it should easily store for 3 months out of direct sun in a cool spot that is protected from frost.

Where does a Cinderella pumpkin come from?
France. It most likely originally came from the Americas and was taken back to Europe by Christopher Columbus.

Are blue pumpkins edible? Where do they come from?
Yes! Jarrahdale pumpkins come from New Zealand, and Queensland Blues come from Australia. They are both high-quality culinary pumpkins. They can be a bit difficult to carve because of their thick flesh and small cavities.

Can you eat a gourd?
Sadly, no. They have a woody fibrous tissue inside. You can dry them though, and if properly cured and cared for they will last a lifetime.

Do animals like to eat pumpkins?
On our farm, our cattle, goats, pigs, chickens and turkeys all love pumpkins. Deer love pumpkins too! Many years ago the Native Americans used pumpkins as a source of feed for their horses.

Are pumpkins high in calories? Fat?
Pumpkins are low in calories and extremely low in fat. Click here to read nutritional facts about pumpkins.